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LEGACY Portfolio
At OakTree Investment Advisors, LEGACY means standing tall against the test of time, planning for the future, looking forward, and creating wealth that lasts. That was why we developed the LEGACY Portfolio, to create a portfolio that invests in companies proven to generate current income from dividends and to create long-term wealth.
Our LEGACY portfolio gives you access to stocks of some of the most dominant and well-known companies in the world; such as Johnson & Johnson, Coca-Cola & Honeywell. What these diverse companies have in common is that they have created wealth for their shareholders for decades. With the LEGACY Portfolio we make it easy to invest in a diversified portfolio of stocks, expertly managed by the professionals at Oaktree Investment Advisors, with no hidden fees and at a fraction of the cost of our competitors (annual management fee = .30%).
Portfolio Masters
Portfolio Masters is unique among portfolio management models. By drawing on the insight and knowledge from one of the top business schools in the country, Portfolio Masters offers investors a team of highly-skilled analysts without the bias and overhead associated with Wall Street money managers. Portfolio Masters is dynamic. Our team of portfolio analysts has significant professional experience from a variety of industries, and each year the portfolio management team is opened to recruit new talent. This methodology ensures that our analytical team is always fresh and eager, while still benefiting from the current analysis of modern business trends that can only come from a top-tier business school. Portfolio Masters is an actively managed, long-only US equity portfolio. the portfolio management team uses data such as a company's public financial information, corporate behavior, securities prices, equity markets, business cycles, and the overall economy to choose portfolio positions. No equity position may be entered at more than 5% of the overall portfolio.
Portfolio Masters is managed by Robert Mason, Portfolio Manager. Mr. Mason first joined OakTree Investment Advisors as a portfolio manager in the Spring of 2009. In 2013, OakTree Principal Ronald Heakins invited him to begin putting together an outline for this exciting new portfolio model. Mr. Mason brings a decade of investment experience to the Portfolio Management Team. He has a BA from the Virginia Military Institute and a MBA from the Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University.
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