• Wealth and Investment Management for Individuals and Pension Plans.

Wealth and Investment Management for Individuals and Pension Plans.

OakTree Investment Advisors, Inc.

Founded in 2000 by Ronald E. Heakins, OakTree Investment Advisors, Inc., doing business as OakTree Investment Advisors, is a wealth management and investment consulting firm. We manage investments for individuals, pension and profit sharing plans, business entities, trusts, and non-profit organizations.

Our clients enjoy personal attention to their accounts, quick response to service or maintenance issues, and one-on-one meetings with their investment advisor. We help our clients invest their hard-earned money in ways that provide them with safety and security, while seeking the best possible risk-adjusted returns. We take the time to understand a client’s risk tolerance, life situation, and investment objectives in order grow their wealth for current enjoyment and future generations. We ensure that each investment in a client portfolio is suitable per their risk tolerance and investment objectives.

Why OakTree Investment Advisors and not a Broker?

At OakTree Investment Advisors, our income is based on the value of your portfolio, not the amount of commissions we generate from “flipping” investments or moving money around. It is important to us as well as to you that your investments continue to grow. Our revenue is tied to positive returns in your investment portfolio.

Why a registered investment advisor?

A registered investment advisor provides fiduciary responsibility to their clients, which means that they are legally obligated to manage client assets in the best interests of the client, not themselves. We don't benefit from transaction commissions, so our motivation is the same as yours - to find the best investments available, while keeping costs to a minimum. Because our income is directly related to the value of your account, our incentive is to make you money.

Why is Fiduciary Responsibility important?

Fiduciary responsibility is the responsibility to manage property for the benefit of the client and to always put the client’s interest first. Brokers typically do not provide fiduciary responsibility The broker typically has no such responsibility (unless he has taken de facto control of your account or has accepted the responsibility) and can be motivated largely by generating commissions paid to them by creating a high-number of transactions in your account. OakTree Investment Advisors is legally obligated to provide this fiduciary responsibility by acting in a professional capacity of trust and exercising discretionary authority over assets.